LDPE Sheets 

If you aren’t confident in your ability to make your own sheets of plastic for our DIY Plastic Wallets from scratch, we can help you with that!

Our Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE Plastic #4) sheets provide you with the durability and flexibility you need for your project. Created from single-use soft plastics such as your local Coles and Woolies bags, we’ve found a method that makes these flimsy pieces of plastic strong together.

Precious Plastic Monash’s LDPE Sheet is perfectly paired with our FREE open source wallet design, where you can hone your arts and crafts skills to create a mono-material wallet— no sewing required!

Precious Plastic Monash always aims to bridge the gap between community, education, and the environment. Every plastic sheet diverts 8 bags of plastic from landfill.

● Name: LDPE Sheet
● Material: Low Density Polyethylene #4 (LDPE)
● 450 x 300 mm

● Colour: Variety of colours available*

You help support our team of young university students with every plastic sheet purchased. We are a team of young volunteers from Monash University committed to tackling the plastic problem.

*Colour subject to availability

Return & Refund Policy:
If you have changed your mind about a purchase we cannot offer a refund due to the nature of our work, unless there is a major failure with your product, please contact us if this occurs at preciouscustomers@gmail.com. If you would like to learn more about our returns policy please click here.

LDPE Sheets

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