Water Sensitive Cities Index

The Water Sensitive Cities Index is a benchmarking tool for mapping your city’s current urban water management performance against 34 indicators characterising a water sensitive city.

The 34 indicators relate to 7 goals of a water sensitive city. Each indicator is scored on a 1–5 rating scale in a collaborative workshop process. An accredited provider then enters the data into the web-based platform that displays the results and enables them to be compared with results from other cities.

With the Index, you will gain:

·         a shared understanding of how your city is managing water today

·         greater insight into the outcomes from being a water sensitive city and the types of solution you need

·         a better understanding of local strengths and weaknesses for being a water sensitive city a useful starting point for the rest of the Water Sensitive Cities Australia Transition Planning Process, a 5-module system for accelerating your transition to a water sensitive city.


Water Sensitive Cities Index

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