Verge 2013 : Becoming


Verge 2013


Edited by Peter Dawncy and Camille Eckhaus

Verge is Monash University’s annual anthology of creative writing; this ninth edition features work by Australian writers within and outside Monash University. The short fiction and poetry in Verge 2013: Becoming are concerned with exploring passages of life: passages between intellectual spaces, as understandings are re-wrought; and passages into new physical conditions, as people experience and become with their environments. Verge 2013: Becoming explores what it is to be human and what it is to become non-human.

“If I could open my chest and shake out the cobwebs
I would find flowers
in the soft, rubied-velvet of fascia,
a thoracic garden,
raining down 
like ashes 
onto the finely combed earth.”
— ‘Anger, and the Regeneration of Self: Becoming a Fire, Becoming a Garden’ 
by Sally-Anne Jovic

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