eBook - Using Food as Medicine: Exercise and the Gut

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Using Food as Medicine: Exercise and the Gut 1st Edition

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This book was inspired by the hundreds of athletes, from a wide range of sports (i.e., endurance, ultra-endurance, teams, aquatic, racquet, aesthetic, combat, strength/power and speed), competitive levels (i.e., elite, development, masters, amateur, and recreational), and countries, who have contacted the Monash University Sports Dietetic Research Team to request advice and guidance.

The team's main advice and guidance has focused on the prevention and management of their debilitating exercise-associated gastrointestinal symptoms that affect their training and competition. It is also inspired by the hundreds of exercise and nutrition professionals who have completed our online course; Food as Medicine: Food, Exercise and the Gut.

This book is tailored towards those completing our online course, providing practical dietary examples to the theoretical theory. It also provides a starting point for athletes and supporting health and exercise professionals to manage exercise associated gastrointestinal disturbances and symptoms.

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