Three-way abstraction: Works from the Monash University Collection


2004, 6 page fold-out brochure
Curators: Sara Kelly and Liza Vasiliou
Essay: Liza Vasiliou
Artists: Lauren Alderson, Peter Booth, Stephen Bram, Mike Brown, Ian Burn, Stephen Bush, Eugene Carchesio, Arch Cuthbertson, Lesley Dumbrell, John Dunkley-Smith,Mikala Dwyer, Dale Frank, Diena Georgetti, Melinda Harper, Brent Harris, Dale Hickey, Frank Hinder, Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack, Robert Hunter, Michael Johnson, Sandra Leveson, Geoffrey Nees, John Nixon, Robert Owen, Kerrie Poliness, Robert Rooney, Peggy Perkins Shaw
ISBN: 0 975 110 19

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