Theories, Practices and Examples for Community and Social Informatics


Theories, Practices and Examples for Community and Social Informatics

Edited by Tom Denison, Mauro Sarrica and Larry Stillman

Community Informatics is an emergent discipline with a dual focus:  the conduct of research about the relationship between the design of information and communications technologies (ICTs) and local communities; and the implementation of ICT projects in local communities.

While most of the Community Informatics literature focuses on empirical work and its relationship to more technically-oriented Information or Management Systems thinking, this book uses a combination of theoretical and case study approaches to explore the relationship between Community Informatics, Social Informatics, and broader social theory.

Themes include: social order mediated through ICTs; community and cohesion; class and power; social psychology and technology; the relationship between personal agency and social structure mediated through technology; and the nature of institutional or community formations in the age of ICTs.


Francesca Comunello, University of Rome, Italy
Alberta Contarello, University of Padova, Italy
Tom Denison, Monash University, Australia
Manuela Farinosi, University of Udine, Italy
Leopoldina Fortunati, University of Udine, Italy
Aldo de Moor, CommunitySense, The Netherlands
Tomi Oinas, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Veli-Matti Salminen, Church Research Institute in Tampere, Finland
Mauro Sarrica, University of Rome, Italy
Larry Stillman, Monash University, Australia
Sakari Taipale, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Emiliano Treré, Autonomous University of Querétaro, Mexico
Jane Vincent, University of Surrey, England

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