Quality Supervision Course

This course will involve two key components (i) two workshops and (ii) an assessment component which encourages deeper learning and reflection in supervisory practice over time.

There are three options on how you can study this course:

●      Workshops only

      ○  $286 per person for both workshops, see dates below

●      Both the workshops and assessment component

       ○  $2700 per person

●      Assessment component only (if you have already completed an equivalent supervision course)

       ○ $2200 per person

* Analytic paper is available for approved applicants only

       ○ $500

Supervision workshop details

Workshop length - half day (full day for both workshops)

1. Introduction to supervision and feedback will explore supervision across relevant contexts, the benefits and challenges for different supervision models, key principles relevant to supervision, effective feedback and ways to evaluate supervision in your context.
2.Advancing feedback and supervising challenging learners will explore the concept of ‘fitness for practice’, factors contributing to learners’ performance, managing challenging learners, strategies for providing feedback for and supporting challenging learners

Assessment component

After participation in the workshops above (or equivalent*), participants will complete the assessment which includes (i) a reflection on the workshops, (ii) reflective weekly diaries over 10 weeks with peer feedback and (iii) an analytical paper

●      AUD$2200

●      Discount available for Monash Partners who supervise Monash University students (evidence required) contact us for a discount code

*equivalence for workshop content may be granted for participants who have engaged in supervision training or similar workshops if proof of participation can be provided.

Online cohort

Participants must attend both workshops. Participants are welcome to register for the workshops which suit their schedules. The last available workshops participants can register for to progress with the 2023 Quality Supervision course are on Monday 7th August 2023

Workshop 1 – Introduction to supervision and feedback

Monday 1st May 9.30am-1pm AEST
Thursday 15th June 9.30am-1pm AEST
Monday 7th August 9.30am-1pm AEST

Workshop 2 – Advancing feedback and supervising challenging learners

Wednesday 5th April 9.30am-1pm AEST
Monday 1st May 1.30pm - 5pm AEST 
Thursday 22nd June 9.30am - 1pm AEST 
Monday 7th August 1.30pm - 5pm AEST 

More information


Upon successful completion of the course and assessment components you can apply for 6 credit points of credit for the Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education or the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Simulation.

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Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Assessment Component
Workshops and Assessment
Analytic Paper
(for approved applicants only)

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