Rhythm and Meaning in Shakespeare: A Guide for Readers and Actors


Rhythm and Meaning in Shakespeare

A Guide for Readers and Actors

By Peter Groves

‘Although actors and acting instructors may be the main beneficiaries, anyone who teaches Shakespeare or simply enjoys sounding off will benefit from this deft little book.’
— Julia Reinhard Lupton, Studies in English Literature 1500–1900, Spring 2014

‘Peter Groves’ book will come as a revelation to actors and readers of Shakespeare. With a shortage of formal training and a desperation to be “natural”, many actors today ignore or even resist the literary conventions and devices embedded in Shakespeare’s plays.
     ‘Dr Groves’ intensive and illuminating study demonstrates how an appreciation of Shakespeare’s use of metre, stress and rhythm, along with many attendant subtleties, will inform actors’ understanding of a text and allow them to soar beyond the bounds of mere “naturalism”, to delight the ear as well as the intellect of an audience.’
— John Bell, Bell Shakespeare

‘It is beautifully written, rich with meaning, humorous and deeply knowledgeable, with a full feeling for the life of the stage. Groves analyses the way that Shakespeare uses speech to create and reinforce meaning: and in so doing he engages in an alive and alert way with many of the complexities this entails. He really understands that speaking verse provides the key to "living" a part, and I love the colorful economy of his language – it is full of down-to-earth metaphor, which is really engaging and delightful... This is one of the most originally conceived and useful books I’ve read for a long while.’
— Philippa Kelly, California Shakespeare Theatre

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