Pitcha Makin Fellas' 'Blakfella Time' clock - SOLD OUT


Pitcha Makin Fellas' 'Blakfella Time' clock

Each koala-faced clock is a unique hand-stamped and painted edition. The design of each work varies.


The clocks are based on the painting We Know Where You Eat (Koala), 2013, which is held in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria: https://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/explore/collection/work/113242/.


The Pitcha Makin Fellas are an arts collective based in Ballarat on Wadawurrung land who are passionate about their culture and community, and share their pride through their art. Since forming in 2013, the group have become known for their tongue-in-cheek humour, the signature stamps that they use to create their brightly coloured paintings and their powerful advocacy for First Nations people on topics ranging from football and food to identity and Country. In 2022, they participated in the exhibition Collective Movements: First Nations Collectives, Collaborations and Creative Practices from across Victoria at Monash University Museum of Art | MUMA. The Pitcha Makin Fellas are represented in the Monash University Collection with Why Don't Whitefellas Like Trees? 2022 (Find out more)


Hand-painted clock
Comes with a single AA battery
33 x 33 cm


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