Pericleans, Plumbers and Practitioners: The First Fifty Years of the Monash University Law School


Pericleans, Plumbers and Practitioners

The First Fifty Years of the Monash University Law School

By Peter Yule and Fay Woodhouse

The book examines the Monash University Law School’s founding, its evolving pedagogy, its internal dynamics, the external (University and legal professional) influences that have shaped its work, the contribution of prominent personalities, and its contribution to legal scholarship, legal education and the legal profession in Victoria and Australia. It focuses partly on the Law School’s distinctive approach to legal education, and its connection with and influence on the Victorian legal profession since its establishment in 1963.

The Law School’s alumni now occupy major positions throughout all arms of law and government, and it interacts with the Victorian legal profession and the justice system in multiple ways. The book describes its contribution to the educational, training, and research needs of the Victorian legal profession, and will serve as an invaluable reference source for Victorian schools, public and personal libraries and for scholars and students of legal history throughout Australia.

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