Nuclear (R)age


1993, 34 pages, 11 colour reproductions, 11 b&w reproductions
Artists: Charles Anderson, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, Peter Burgess, James Cant, Bob Clutterbuck, Peter Cole, Tony Coleing, Noel Counihan, Virginia Coventry, Pam Debenham, Mark Denton & Fiona Somerville, Stella Dilger, Ivan Durrant, Merilyn Fairskye, Ivor Francis, Weaver Hawkins, Andrew Hill, Ian Howard, John Howley, Jonathan Kamantjara-Brown, David Kerr, Peter Lyssiotis, Erica McGilchrist, Bea Maddock, Nicholas Nedelkopoulos, Ann Newmarch, Peter Nicholson, Ti Parks, John Perceval, Chris Reidy, Peter Robertson, Toni Robertson, Victor Rubin, John Spooner, Ron Tanberg, Lesley Tanner, Theo Tremblay, Albert Tucker, Danila Vassilieff, Ken Wadrop, Ruth Waller, Geoff Weary, Ian Were.
Text: Rod James
Guest Curator: Rod James
ISBN: 0 7326 0485 0

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