SWAP Flex Pass for Monash Graduate Association Only


Thank you for purchasing a SWAP Flex Pass.

Your SWAP Flex visit pass has now been processed. This pass enables access to group fitness classes across Caulfield, Clayton and Peninsula. Please note that this SWAP Flex visit pass does not give you Fitness Centre or Aquatics access.

Please visit a Monash Sport service desk at your earliest convenience to fill out the required paperwork and activate the pass on your Monash staff card. Please ensure you bring your Monash staff ID card with you.

You can book into a class via the My Monash Sport Online Portal. To get started, you can set up your Portal profile following this link.

Alternatively, you can obtain a ticket prior to the class at the class ticket kiosk located outside the Group Fitness Studios. Please note all SWAP Flex visit passes are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

To plan your next class, visit the current Monash Sport Group Fitness timetables can be viewed here.

If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact Monash Sport on 9905 4102. Monash Sport


Introducing SWAP Flex!

Purchase a SWAP Flex visit pass to access group fitness classes across Caulfield, Clayton and Peninsula. This pass enables you to attend any of Monash Sport’s timetabled classes. Each SWAP Flex visit pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and allows a participant to attend a total of 10 group fitness classes.

Please note the SWAP Flex pass does not allow Fitness Centre or Aquatic access. 

To view the current Monash Sport group fitness class timetables, please follow this link

On successful payment of your SWAP Flex visit pass: 

  • Print off your customer receipt – (note: your details in Shop Monash must match your staff I.D. card)
  • Please allow two business days for Monash Sport to verify your purchase and process your SWAP Flex pass.
  • Visit Monash Sport to activate your SWAP Flex pass (please bring your staff I.D as this will be synced to the database to become your SWAP Flex Pass card)
  • Book a group fitness class!


Are you eligible? This product is strictly available for Monash Graduate Association Staff only. 


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