Introduction to pharmacology for health professional prescribers’ is an ‘enter any time’ online short course designed to provide foundational level pharmacology knowledge to bridge the gap for those pursuing entry into post-graduate health care degrees which have pharmacology as a minimum entry requirement.

Major content topics include Pharmacology and its History, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Toxicity, Drug Interactions and Adverse Drug Reactions and the Outcome of Medicines use.

The learning and teaching activities will include online lectures delivered asynchronously and case-based teaching, alongside enquiry and problem-based learning using interactive dose-response and plasma concentration-time graphs. This approach allows multiple opportunities for the revision of learning materials, alongside authentic learning practices rooted in their clinical applicability. This approach will allow a focus on the application of student learning through cumulative, low stakes assessment.


This course is entirely online and can be entered at any stage.

Introduction to pharmacology for health professional prescribers’

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