Insights, challenges and opportunities: conducting research in cardiorespiratory healthcare


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Monash University Department of Physiotherapy is pleased to announce the following upcoming seminar entitled:

“Insights, challenges and opportunities: conducting research in cardiorespiratory healthcare

All clinicians, whether at the early, middle or later stages of a healthcare career, are required to practice evidence-based medicine. This may involve implementation of guidelines into day-to-day clinical practice, quality improvement evaluations of current practice or conducting clinically-oriented research projects. With clinician-researcher roles still a relatively rare feature of the modern Australian healthcare landscape, many clinicians find themselves necessitating the skills and/or insight to support staff to implement quality improvement and research activities in their clinical practice. And all without undue disruption to clinical patient care responsibilities.

This interactive seminar and panel discussion aims to explore the insights and experiences of three clinician-researchers from different training backgrounds with regards to conducting quality improvement and research activities in the clinical healthcare setting. It aims to review some of the lessons learned and offer strategies to assist with incorporating research into usual clinical responsibilities. These insights may be particularly helpful for anyone curious about what it might take to do quality project / clinical research well (e.g. junior staff), supervisors wondering how to create supportive environments for staff to facilitate research in the clinical setting, or anyone considering commencing a research project (either informally or via post-graduate education pathways). While all presenters come from a field of relevance to cardiorespiratory medicine, this session is hoped to appeal to clinicians of any background working in a diverse range of settings. The session will involve interactive panel discussions and networking among supportive clinician-researchers in this space.

Got an idea for a project to implement in your workplace? Tell us about it here ( and a small selection will be discussed by the panel to highlight the ways it could form an effective quality activity, research project and higher degree research program.


Carla Gordon is a Clinical Lead Physiotherapist at Monash Health. She completed her Clinical Masters in Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy during 2009-10 and has over 15 years clinical experience in cardiorespiratory, general and special medicine physiotherapy. Carla supports a clinical team comprising >20 physiotherapists across 5 hospitals via the provision of clinical, education, quality and research leadership, as well as maintaining an active portfolio of quality improvement and research projects, often in partnership with Monash University.

Dr. Paul Jansons is an Exercise Physiologist with over 10 years clinical experience in cardiorespiratory community rehabilitation. He completed his PhD through Monash University, Department of Physiotherapy, exploring the impact of different forms of community-based exercise programs for patients with chronic health conditions. He was an elected Director of the Exercise and Sport Science Association Victorian Chapter Committee and is a current member of the Human Research Ethics Committee, Monash Health.

Dr. Christian Osadnik is a Research Fellow / Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physiotherapy at Monash University and founding Director of the ResPTlab – a unique place for healthcare clinicians to undertake collaborative research centred around respiratory physiotherapy ( He is passionate about engaging clinicians to undertake research, particularly those in the early stages of their career. His main areas of clinical research centre upon improving health outcomes for patients with chronic respiratory diseases.


Any health professionals working in acute or subacute healthcare, respiratory medicine and/or general medicine, including physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, nurses, medical doctors, clinical researchers.


This session will involve short presentations from the guests but will prioritise interactive panel discussions regarding individuals’ insights, challenges and opportunities conducting clinical research. If you complete the short survey above, we might discuss your idea to highlight the ways in which it could be transformed into an effective quality initiative, research project or higher degree research program. Please come along with plenty of questions and allow ample time for professional networking! Light refreshments will be made available during the event.


6:00 – 7:30pm, Thursday 1st August, 2019.


'The Peninsula Room' (room 3.14) - Level 3, Monash Physical Activity and Recreation Centre (Building W), Peninsula Campus Monash University. Parking is free of charge after 5pm in the Blue permit area located at the rear of Building W. Refer map ( or Peninsula home page ( for further information. 

We look forward to welcoming you at this exciting session!

Dr. Christian Osadnik

Seminar Series Co-ordinator, Department of Physiotherapy, Monash University.

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