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ICM+ Tools is a Microsoft Excel AddIn that greatly simplifies the summary and analysis of large collections of files containing columnar data. ICM+ Tools was developed specifically to address the needs of neuromonitoring researchers using “ICM+”, a multimodality neuromonitoring and research system developed within Cambridge University's Department of Neurosurgery by Drs Peter Smielewski and Marek Czosnyka (http://www.neurosurg.cam.ac.uk/pages/ICM/about.php).

ICM+ provides functionality for storing and analysing complex neuromonitoring datasets. Over time, these datasets can become quite large, often containing many hundreds or even thousands of files. After reanalysing these data, the results can themselves consist of many files that need to be summarised prior to statistical analysis. Analysing or summarising each file individually is laborious and time-consuming, greatly limiting research output.

ICM+ Tools dramatically reduces user time spent summarising text-format data output by ICM+, thus improving productivity. With this software it is possible to analyse hundreds of files in minutes and seconds (file loading times may vary depending on file size).

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