My Account

My Account

Q: How do I create an account
 If you are a Monash student or staff member you can create an account by clicking this Login with my Monash account link. If you are not a Monash University student or staff member, please click here to create an account.

Q: How do I delete my account?
A: To request the deletion of your account, please contact us via our online form

Q: How do I change my account email address?
A: If you are a non-Monash account user, you can update your email address in your My Account Information page. Monash account users cannot change their registered email address.

Q: How can I update my details or change my password?
A:  If you are a non-Monash account user, you can update your details on your Account Dashboard. If you are a Monash account user, you will need to change your password using Identity Management Services.

Q: Why can't I login to my Account?
A: Check your login details and if these are correct, use the forgot password link to reset your password. You cannot reset a password through Shop.Monash if you are using your Monash email to log in. Monash staff and students can log in by clicking the Login with my Monash account link.

Q: Are my details secure?
A: Your personal information is always treated with the highest level of security. All data that you send to us after registration or login (e.g. contact information, profile information, passwords, payment information, including credit card details) is SSL-encrypted (Secure Socket Layer). This is the most trusted and secure of encryption technologies.

Q: How do I log out of my account?
A: If you're logged in, go to My Account on the top right of your screen and click Logout from the drop-down menu. If My Account does not appear at the top right of the page, you are already logged out of Shop.Monash.