From Deserts the Prophets Come: The Creative Spirit in Australia 1788-1972 - new edition


From Deserts the Prophets Come: 
The Creative Spirit in Australia 1788–1972
New Edition

By Geoffrey Serle

With a new foreword by John Rickard, award winning author who has published widely on Australian cultural history and biography.

‘I was aiming to cut a new path for teaching and research in Australian history, to bring cultural history into the general discourse of Australian historians, and to bridge the gap between general history and the major works in literary, art, musical and architectural history which have appeared in recent years’ (Geoffrey Serle). 
This classic work is now back in print. 
‘The most explicit formulation of the Australian radical nationalist tradition’, that ‘remains a lively, comprehensive and informative introduction to Australian cultural history’.

From the new introduction by John Rickard.

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