Contemporary Australian Political Party Organisations


Contemporary Australian Political Party Organisations

Edited by Narelle Miragliotta, Anika Gauja & Rodney Smith

Political parties have always been fundamental to Australia’s representative democracy. As organisations, however, their continued centrality and longevity depend upon their ability to respond to changing political, social and technological circumstances, such as declining levels of membership and partisan affiliation, and the rise of social media. In this volume – the first book dedicated to Australian political parties in nearly a decade – the editors bring together many of the leading scholars of Australian politics to examine the evolving role and relevance of political parties today. Chapters explore the diversity of Australian parties’ organisational arrangements, the contemporary challenges they face, and the institutions that shape their behaviour. The contributions tell a story of adaptation by the Australian parties during a time of flux, one which suggests that party organisations will be central to Australian political life for quite some time yet.

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