Bridging Physics for Medical Radiation Sciences (PhysMRS)


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Prospective applicants can apply at any time throughout the year

Start the course at any time and study at your own pace. The course must be completed withing 6 months of your application approval.

The primary purpose of this unit is to provide students who may have insufficient physics background, or those who have not studied physics for some time, with sufficient knowledge of basic physics to enable them to undertake studies in the graduate medical ultrasound and radiation therapy programs.

The content is general physics and where appropriate, examples are drawn from applications in medical imaging or medical radiations. The course is covered in five (5) on-line modules and corresponds to approximately 40 hours of full time study. Completion time in the past has ranged from 2 - 10 weeks; please be aware that you must complete the course within six months of your application approval or your enrolment may be terminated.

The course content includes:

Module 1: Basic physics, physical laws, essential mathematics

Module 2: Atomic structure, nuclear physics

Module 3: Electricity and magnetism

Module 4: Waves, sound and ultrasound

Module 5: Electromagnetic waves and radiation safety

The course is assessed by on-line tests, one for each module (you can choose when you complete each test within the six month enrolment period), and the cost of the course is $550.00.

Students will get access to Monash University Online Learning System, Moodle, where they can access the course material and communicate with their tutor for assistance. Please note no refunds are available after the course has been accessed via Moodle.

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