Book Publishing in Australia: A Living Legacy

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Book Publishing in Australia

A Living Legacy

Edited by Millicent Weber and Aaron Mannion

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Publishing is an industry steeped in rules and conventions, controlled by laws and contractual agreements, and heavily invested in practices of careful production and reproduction. But it is also currently undergoing drastic change. Digital technologies have reshaped the practices of writing, editing, typesetting, printing, distributing and buying books. And as political movements like #metoo ripple through the creative industries, the social implications of legacy processes of cultural production and valuation are being re-evaluated. 

This collection of essays draws together contributions from established and emerging scholars and industry practitioners to explore contemporary Australian publishing’s relationship to the past. How does knowledge transfer occur within and between presses? How do gender and race shape participation in the industry? And how can scholars, librarians, and publishers work together to improve and future-proof the industry?

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