A Site of Convergence: Celebrating 10 years of the Monash University Prato Centre


A Site of Convergence: Celebrating 10 years of the Monash University Prato Centre

By Cynthia Troup with Jo-Anne Duggan

The Monash University Prato Centre, located in the heart of Tuscany, is housed in a landmark eighteenth century mansion—the Palazzo Vaj. This commemorative publication highlights the elegant spaces of the Palazzo Vaj as the context for exhilarating encounters with the city and people of Prato, art and artists, researchers and experts, teachers and students from around the world.

A Site of Convergence is the result of collaboration between writer and editor Cynthia Troup, and the late Jo-Anne Duggan, the Centre’s first artist in residence. It is a tribute to the humanist vision that shaped the development of the Centre, and a celebration of Jo-Anne Duggan’s photographic art.

Interweaving narrative, vignettes and splendid images, A Site of Convergence tells a fascinating and beautifully illustrated story of the fulfillment of an audacious dream to establish an Australian cultural and scholarly home in Italy, a home which has become, over the last ten years, a vibrant crossroad for cultural and intellectual exchange, as well as a significant site in its local Italian community.

–— Professor Ros Pesman, The University of Sydney

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