Walter Lippmann, Ethnic Communities Leader ‘Creative Thinker, Dogged Worker, the Kindest of Men’

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Andrew Markus and Margaret Taft (editors) Walter Lippmann arrived in Australia in 1938 as a 19 year old refugee from Nazi Germany. Soon after his arrival he became involved in Jewish communal affairs. Over the next twenty years he was active in a number of key Jewish organisations and roof bodies, as both committee member and leader. He was President of the Australian Jewish Welfare Society for 17 years during which time he reinvigorated the organisation and professionalised its operations. From the mid-1960s Walter broadened his communal involvement to the development of multicultural Australia, emerging as a leading advocate of the needs of all migrant communities and a champion of social justice and the merits of ethnic diversity. This book bears testament to the ability of one dynamic individual to influence and shape the society of his time. $25 including postage, handling and GST.

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