Volcanic Processes, Deposits, Geology and Resources Shortcourse 2019


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Volcanic Processes, Deposits, Geology, and Resources Shortcourse 2019

A professional shortcourse for geoscience professionals, postgraduate students and academics needing to better understand volcanic processes, deposits, geology and the context of volcanic-hosted mineral deposits.

Course Leaders

Emeritus Professor Ray Cas, Dr. Patrick Hayman and Dr. Rebecca Carey.

Course Overview

This week long professional shortcourse has been presented annually since 1982 in a regularly updated format.

Its structure is

  • 3 days of lectures on the latest concepts in volcanology
  • 2 outstanding field days comparing the products, facies associations and stratigraphic relations of subaerial and subaqueous volcanic successions,
  • Practical work based on an extremely comprehensive display of rock specimens and textures, microscopes and thin sections, posters, maps, books and key research literature, and
  • DVDs of volcanic eruption phenomena and events.
  • All elements of this course incorporate the latest developments applied to the interpretation of modern and ancient volcanic settings and successions, and relevance to mineralisation.
  • The course fee includes all accommodation and meals for the week,  except during travel to and from the course on the first and last days.

Who is the course for?

  • Those with a need to understand physical volcanic processes, deposit characteristics, the identification of rock types and their emplacement origins, facies and stratigraphic architecture of volcanic successions and sub-volcanic intrusions, alteration effects, rock unit relationships and timing.
  • Industry geologists/geoscientists
  • Government geologists/geoscientists
  • Research scientists and research students
  • Academics

Event Details

The course will be taught residentially at the Black Dolphin Motel, Merimbula, on the scenic south coast of New South Wales, Australia, from 1st to 7thDecember 2019.

  • The motel has modern conference room facilities and is ideally situated for easy access to the Late Devonian Boyd Volcanic Complex during the 2 field days.
  • Accommodation and meals costs are included in the registration fee
  • Sunday 1st December and Saturday 7th December are travel days to and from Merimbula.
  • Participants can fly to Merimbula from Melbourne, or from Sydney by REX Airlines. Airfares to and from Merimbula will be at the participants OWN COST, and participants will have to make their own bookings well in advance. Flight time from Melbourne and Sydney to Merimbula is about an hour and a half.
  • A Welcome Dinner will be provided on the evening of Sunday 1st December, and Breakfast on the morning of Saturday 7th December, as well as all meals on intervening days (2nd to 6th December).
  • The course starts promptly at 8.30 a.m. on Monday 2nd December, so all participants should arrive in Merimbula on Sunday 1st December.
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