Volcanic Processes, Deposits, Geology and Resources Shortcourse 2018

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Volcanic Processes, Deposits, Geology, and Resources Shortcourse 2018

A professional shortcourse for geoscience professionals, postgraduate students and academics needing to better understand volcanic processes, deposits, geology and the context of volcanic-hosted mineral deposits.

Course Presenters

Emeritus Professor Ray Cas, Dr. Patrick Hayman and Dr. Rebecca Carey.

Course Overview

This week long professional shortcourse has been presented annually since 1982 in a regularly updated format.

Its structure is

  • 3 days of lectures on the latest concepts in volcanology
  • 2 outstanding field days comparing the products, facies associations and stratigraphic relations of subaerial and subaqueous volcanic successions,
  • Practical work based on an extremely comprehensive display of rock specimens and textures, microscopes and thin sections, posters, maps, books and key research literature, and
  • DVDs of volcanic eruption phenomena and events.
  • All elements of this course incorporate the latest developments applied to the interpretation of modern and ancient volcanic settings and successions, and relevance to mineralisation.
  • The course fee includes all accommodation and meals for the week, from the night of arrival (Sun. 2-12-18) to the morning of departure (Sat. 8-12-18). There is a surcharge fee of $360 for those who want a single room.

Who is the course for?

  • Those with a need to understand physical volcanic processes, deposit characteristics, the identification of rock types and their emplacement origins, facies and stratigraphic architecture of volcanic successions and sub-volcanic intrusions, alteration effects, rock unit relationships and timing.
  • Industry geologists/geoscientists
  • Government geologists/geoscientists
  • Research scientists and research students
  • Academics

Event Details

Volcanic Processes, Deposits, Geology and Resources Shortcourse 2018
To be presented at: The Black Dolphin Motel-Holiday Resort,
Princes Highway, Merimbula, New South Wales
From: Sunday 2 nd (travel/arrival date) to Saturday 8 th (travel/departure date) December, 2018

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