VCE Explained; Seminar Series

The Monash Japanese Language Education Centre will hold an online seminar for teachers teaching VCE Japanese Second Language for the first time.
This seminar will explain structures, content, SACs, examinations, skills required and time management. Teachers will have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify understanding. On the application form you can write down 3 questions you most want to be answered.

Date and Time:

Day 1    Monday, 27th February 2023     4pm to 6pm

Day 2    Monday, 20th March 2023         4pm to 6pm         

Day 3    Thursday, 4th May 2023             4pm to 6pm

Zoom links will be sent to participants close to the seminar date.

Cost: $99.00 for a 3 seminars


VCE Explained Seminar Series

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