Utopian Studies Conference Dinner


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Utopian Studies Conference Dinner

A three-course evening meal with drinks.


Wednesday 3 July 2019 


Conservatory of San Niccolò

This is a private Catholic school housed in a beautiful building dating back to the 14th century; many paintings and murals adorn the walls and ceilings with furniture dating back to the 7th century. To pay for upkeep and restoration the school hires out its spaces for seated dinners, stand-up buffets and receptions. The Conservatory began as a Monastery of Dominican nuns in 1323, thanks to an inheritance from Cardinal Niccolò Albertini of Prato. On 21st March 1874 Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, transformed the Monastery into a Conservatory and the architect Giuseppe Valentini (1752–1833) was commissioned to design the Neoclassical wings with meeting rooms on the ground floor. These elegant rooms were frescoed by Luigi Catani (1762-1840), a painter from Prato. Cesare Guasti, President of the Conservatory from 1869-1889, allowed the Institute to open up to the state education system. Mother Cecilia Vannucchi, a prestigious figure in Prato’s cultural scene, set up the library, which now contains over 30,000 volumes, located in a renovated section overlooking the Renaissance cloister of the original convent. San Niccolò is now well-known for its history and art treasures and considered one of the most prestigious Institutes in Prato.


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