Tuesday 28 August 2:30 pm - Steam Forum with Mossy 333

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Steam Forum with Mossy 333

Steam Forum explores public bathing cultures as sites of reflective conversation, healing and freedom of expression. Installed as a mobile steam room, visitors are invited into intimate sensory and spatial conditions to relax and create space for disarmed conversation. Each day, the steam room will host a leading voice from the LGBTIQA+ community, presenting performances and leading conversations within the space. Steam Forum is presented by Q-Studio, a collective researching queer spaces as generators of architectural futures.

Each session runs for 20 minutes. Towels and change room facilities provided. Please wear steam appropriate attire.

Mossy 333

Mossy 333 is a multi-disciplinary artist focused on painting, music, and performance. Her stage work evokes insight to the subjectivity of her trans feminine experiences regarding body and movement, casting a critical gaze on heteronormative cis gendered conditioning. Her performances demystify the often essentialised idea of a trans woman, to remind people that “trans women are women with autonomy and complexities”. Mossy is an active member of the performance collective Embittered Swish and music project Mild3w.


Tuesday 28 August 2:30 pm


MPavilion, 26 Ancora Imparo Way, Monash University Clayton campus, Wellington Road, Clayton VIC 3800

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