Creative Directions 2018 Thursday 4 October Sessions Registration


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Creative Directions 2018 Thursday 4 October Sessions Registration

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Thursday 4 October

11:00am – 12:30pm

Protecting Sources

In this practical workshop, a team of some of Australia’s finest investigative reporters will discuss the legal, ethical and practical aspects of protecting sources in a digital era. What new challenges have emerged – for journalists and whistle-blowers? What skills and techniques do new reporters need?

Panellists: Adele Ferguson (Fairfax), Nick McKenzie (Fairfax), Louise Milligan (ABC 4 Corners). Chaired by MFJ’s Dr. Johan Lidberg
H116, Ground Floor Building H

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Ethical Practice

A panel of experts will explore ethical practice and social responsibility in contemporary media and communication work. What does socially responsible practice look like? What new challenges and grey areas have emerged? And what skills and know-how do students and practitioners need to navigate these new (and old) ethical questions?

Panellists: Jan Earthstar (Senior Advisor, Our Watch), Drew Higgins (Senior Communications Advisor, Aboriginal Victoria), Brydie Jameson (Senior Project Officer, Mindframe). Chaired by MFJ’s Dr. Kate Fitch
Venue: H116, Ground Floor Building H

3.00pm – 4.30pm

Numbers into Narratives

Journalist and data cruncher for the ABC News’ Digital Story Innovations team, Inga Ting, will talk through the tools, techniques and technologies journalists need to know to turn numbers into narratives.

Guest Presenter: Inga Ting (ABC News’ Digital Story Innovations)
Venue: HB36, Basement Building H

Mindframe Workshop for PR and Journalism

A practical workshop for future journalists and PR professionals which will examine responsible and sensitive responses to mental illness and suicide. This session is run by Everymind as part of the Australian Government’s Mindframe National Media Initiative.

Workshop Presenter: Brydie Jameson (Senior Project Officer, Everymind). Chaired by MFJ's Dr. Johan Lidberg
N105, Building N

Social Change in Challenging Times

This session looks at the practicalities and responsibilities involved in tackling difficult social issues through social marketing campaigns. Two government communications specialists behind some of this year’s most innovative campaigns for social change will walk through what it takes to challenge and change public opinion.

Guest Presenters: Luke Butler (Senior Communications Advisor, Respect Victoria), Drew Higgins (Senior Communications Adviser, Aboriginal Victoria). Chaired by MFJ’s Dr. Andy Ruddock
Venue: H116, Ground Floor Building H

Social Connections

Students working with Different Journeys, Third Man Up, Life’s Little Treasures, Shine and Our Kitchen Table present their developing communication projects.

PresentersStudent teams in the MCMS capstone unit, Industry Project APG5742
S901, Level 9 Building S

Women in Arts and Sport

Students working with Maccabi Victoria, Melbourne Women in Film Festival and Women’s Circus present their developing communication projects.

PresentersStudent teams in the MCMS capstone unit, Industry Project APG5742
Venue: Ramler Conference Room, Building S

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