The Walking Studio


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The Walking Studio

This studio begins with a walk.

Starting on a remote beach on the southeastern tip of Tasmania, we will be following the Three Capes Track ( Recently upgraded by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, this track comprises a 48km contiguous series of boardwalks and paths through the southern promontory of the Tasman National Park. Over 4 days and 3 nights we will be walking through pristine coastal wilderness renowned for its varying landscape conditions and spectacular cliffs and rock formations.

The track is punctuated by three sets of cabins that provide overnight accommodation for hikers (including our group). These self-sustained off-grid buildings provide an opportunity for students to experience and reflect upon how one practice – Jaw Architects – approaches design and flat-pack helicoptered construction methods within ecologically sensitive environments.

To assist us in developing a deeper appreciation of this context and to understand the fauna and flora of the national park, we will be accompanied throughout the trip by Dr. Greg Kerr: a landscape ecologist with specialist knowledge of wetlands, birds, reptiles and fauna and ecological management. Greg has an in depth understanding of the spatial dimension and dynamics of natural environments along the southern coastline of Australia.

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