Sunrise Rushes

Sunrise Rushes gave students, friends and the community a chance to celebrate what makes campus life so special. Students could choose one of three exhilarating activities and act it out while our professional film crew captures it in ultra slow-motion video.

Both Sunrise Studio and Sunrise Rushes will culminate in an on campus exhibition in 2022 that celebrates the resilience of the Monash student community. The on campus exhibition runs from Wednesday 4 May to Wednesday 8 June, 9am to 5pm, in the Alan Finkel Room, Chancellery - Clayton Campus. Follow Monash Performing Arts Centres for exhibition details as they’re announced.

Tuesday 15th March
Forum lawn
Clayton Campus
Wednesday 16th March
Forum lawn
Clayton Campus
Thursday 17th March
Campus Green
Caulfield Campus
Friday 18th March
Library Lawn
Peninsula Campus
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