Social Intelligence and Management



About the course:

In today's rapidly evolving professional landscape, possessing strong social intelligence is paramount for career advancement and professional fulfillment. This crucial skill enables individuals to excel in diverse social environments, foster collaboration, and ultimately achieve success in both their personal and professional endeavours.

Employers are actively seeking team members who exhibit high levels of social intelligence. These individuals play a pivotal role in driving innovation, cultivating inclusive workplace cultures, and navigating the complexities of modern organizational dynamics.

The Social Intelligence and Management course offers invaluable resources to enhance your social awareness, communication proficiency, and relationship-building capabilities. By honing your social intelligence, you'll gain the tools necessary to navigate intricate social dynamics, appreciate diverse perspectives, and establish meaningful connections with colleagues, clients, and peers.

This course serves as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, providing self-assessment tools to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Through dedicated practice and the application of fundamental strategies, you'll cultivate your social intelligence within the context of your unique professional journey. By doing so, you'll amplify your influence and unlock your full potential, both in your career and personal life.


Module 1: Introduction to Social Intelligence & Management: Foundations and evolution of social intelligence, social intelligence in contemporary society, the importance of social intelligence, and the SPACE formula by Karl Albrecht.

Module 2: Situational Awareness: Defining situational awareness in social context, recognising social cues and nonverbal communication, cultural and contextual sensitivity in social interactions, navigating social dynamics in various environments, and practical activities for developing situational awareness.

Module 3: Presence and Authenticity: Developing presence and charisma in interpersonal communication, building trust and rapport in professional relationships, authentic leadership and its impact on organisational culture, overcoming imposter syndrome and enhancing self-confidence, and techniques for conveying authenticity in virtual communication.

Module 4: Clarity in Communication: Communication strategies, active listening and empathetic communication, managing conflict and misunderstandings in interpersonal interactions, setting clear expectations and boundaries in professional relationships, and giving and receiving constructive criticism.

Module 5: Cultivating Empathy: Emotional resilience and compassion in leadership, practicing perspective-taking and empathic listening, and empathy in diversity and inclusion initiatives. A final assessment will be held after this module is completed, which will support you towards gaining the Social Intelligence and Management Microcredential.


Formative Assessments throughout course, functioning as knowledge checks

Summative Assessment at the end of course

Learning outcomes:

Understand the concept of Social Intelligence and its five fundamental tenets within the context of social awareness, recognition, and management.

  • Evaluate the current level of Social Intelligence and identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement.
  • Develop insights into personal strengths and areas for growth.
  • Acquire practical strategies and techniques for enhancing Social Intelligence in various social contexts, including communication, conflict resolution, and relationship-building.
  • Apply learned concepts and techniques to real-world situations to improve interpersonal skills and social effectiveness.
  • Foster ongoing personal development by integrating Social Intelligence principles into daily interactions and relationships.

Career outcomes:

Enhanced Interpersonal Skills - Acquire advanced social intelligence to excel in diverse professional environments, fostering stronger connections with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

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Delivery: Online

Duration: 25 Hours

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Social Intelligence and Management


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