SCCM 2+2 Program - 2023 Entry Audition/Composition Submission Registration

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SCCM 2+2 Program - 2023 Entry Audition/Composition Submission Registration

Use this form to register for a Music audition/composition submission as part of the admission process for 2023 entry to the SCCM 2+2 Program.

Please note: if you are applying to audition for more than one program, instrument and/or stream a separate audition will be required for each.

Information about the additional requirement can be found at


Location of audition:  Online (submission of a video/folio and a zoom interview)


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The information is collected for the primary purpose of registering and assessing your application to audition or submit a composition folio. Other purposes include to correspond with you, data cross-checking for commencing students and statistical analysis. If you choose not to complete all the questions on this form, it may not be possible for the Faculty of Arts to process your request.

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