Rodinia 2017 Conference June 11th-14th 2017

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Rodinia 2017 Conference June 11th-14th 2017
Rodinia 2017 will bring together a diverse range of geoscience expertise to present and discuss the
latest progress in the occurrence and evolution history of supercontinents through geological time, to highlight the latest developments in the geodynamics of supercontinents, and developments in the relationships between supercontinents and other geological phenomena including updates in the global databases of geotectonics, palaeomagnetism, mineral deposits, and the occurrences of past mantle plume events. Finally, we will examine the link between supercontinent cycles and the deep

Post Conference Field trip
Mount Isa Terrane Transect, June 16th-21st 2017

74 The Esplanade,
Townsville, Qld, 4810
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