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Precious Plastic Monash’s debut furniture piece is finally ready to be released to the public. For years our community has asked us when we will be creating furniture and we are incredibly excited to say that everyone will have the opportunity to purchase our stools.

Made from #5 Polypropylene (PP), the sky is truly the limit with the beautiful designs we are able to create. #5 plastics can be challenging to recycle, which is why we are so proud to be offering a solution to the problem. Our recycled plastic stools are made from recycled and reclaimed materials, like laundry bottle lids, coat hangers, takeaway plastic containers and test tube holders.

The Re-Stool symbolises the relationship that Precious Plastic Monash has with our community and the environment. We have created the Re-Stool with both community and environment in mind: our audience value plastic reduction and we have created a beautiful piece for them to enjoy, keeping more plastic out of landfill, oceans and our backlogged national recycling program.


Seat: 30cm round

Legs: 40cm height x 57cm full width

Note: The images shown does not reflect the color options chosen and the final product may have a different color.

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