Prevention and Management of Sexual Violence in Residential Aged Care Services Seminar


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Prevention and Management of Sexual Violence in Residential Aged Care Services Seminar

Sexual assault is a major health and social issue with significant physical and psychological consequences for victims. Australia’s Residential Aged Care Services have come under increased scrutiny due to high profile reports of resident mistreatment typically physical abuse or neglect. The number of alleged or suspected unlawful sexual contact of residents in Australia reported to the Commonwealth Department of Health is rising. Residents are a particularly vulnerable population for sexual assault due to dependency on caregivers, multifaceted health problems and the co-housing of residents, including some with potentially dangerous older individuals with sexual assault backgrounds.

The seminar explores what can be done to better enable preventing and managing sexual violence in RACS. We examine the prevailing negative sexual stereotypes of older people, their greater dependency on others, the potential divided loyalty to staff members or residents as barriers in reporting, detecting, and preventing sexual assault.

Presented by Monash University, the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine this educational seminar will be run by experienced leaders in the field of aged care, law and policy and forensic medicine. This seminar is designed for aged care workers, nurses, managers and, healthcare professionals who want to know more–about policy, practice and what the future may hold.

Speakers include :

  • Victor Harcourt a senior practitioner in administrative and disciplinary law, health and aged care, prosecutions, government law and alternative. 
  • Nicola Cunningham a Forensic Physician at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) who will provide insight into the medico-legal aspects of clinical practice. 
  • Supriya Krishnan the first geriatrician to train in Clinical Forensic Medicine and Dr Catherine Barrett the Director of Celebrate Ageing. More to follow.

Date:  Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm


The State Library,

Village Roadshow Theatrette,

328 Swanston St,

Melbourne Victoria

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