Prato workshop on single-particle cryo-EM and tomography - Academics - no accommodation


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Academics – no accommodation

Cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) in conjunction with computerised image processing now enables the determination of high-resolution structures of macromolecular assemblies that have resisted X-ray crystallography and other approaches.

The resolution revolution witnessed over the past decade has been fuelled by improved instrumentation, including extremely stable transmission electron microscopes and direct electron detectors with unprecedented sensitivity and resolution, as well as improved algorithms and software technologies that utilize modern heterogeneous computer architectures efficiently.

Single-particle analysis can now be used routinely to produce maps of a quality that allows accurate modelling of the atomic structures of proteins. Tomography in conjunction with subtomographic averaging has broken the 1nm resolution barrier.

In this workshop, we will provide in-depth training in image processing of electron micrographs in the areas of single-particle analysis and subtomographic averaging.

The training will include a series of lectures covering the principles of image formation, the image processing methods typically applied and the latest technologies.

The practical sessions will follow a tutorial for single-particle analysis and one for subtomogram averaging in order to provide the students with a complete overview of the possibilities currently available for structural determination with cryo-EM.

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Prato, Italy 
31st March - 6th April 2019

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