Planning and Delivery - Implementation


About the course:

With project management being a core skill across many roles and industries in organisations, having the ability to effectively plan and deliver on work to ensure smooth implementation is critical. This course will introduce participants to project management methodologies with a specific focus on delivery and implementation. Having a robust implementation skill will improve the likelihood of successful outcomes by ensuring efficient use of resources, effective communication, and proactive risk management. Throughout this course, participants will be exposed to how to design an effective project roadmap, the importance of effective communication, self-awareness and leadership that is required to set the stage for effective project execution.

This course not only builds solid knowledge of concepts in the learner, it is also structured to progressively build real skills through application-based activities promoting deliberate practice within the learner's unique context supported by reflection and course-correction as required. There is no doubt that every learner and sponsoring organisations (if applicable) will gain true ROI and see a true increase in learner's effective planning and implementation capabilities.


This course comprises of 5 modules of learning, followed by the completion of a 5 week goal and Final Assessment to qualify for your micro-credential. Please see below a module-by-module breakdown of what you will learn in this course.

Module 1: An introduction to project management focussing on planning and delivery - implementation. Participants will be introduced to models, tools and teqniques which will help translate their ideas into action

Module 2: Honing in on 'planning', participants will learn about the end to end skills required to effectively initiate a project, scope the deliverables, identify risks and understand stakeholder requirements, alongside the importance of documentation, governance and sponsorship

Module 3: Honing in on 'delivery - implementation', participants will learn how to move from the planning into the action stage. This module will cover how to manage time, quality, costs and resources (including how to negotiate and influence people) in order to achieve milestones and successfully deliver a project.

Module 4: This module will explore the challenges to effectively plan and deliver on projects (including what roadblocks can appear when trying to translate your ideas into actions), how to overcome them and mitigate risks and tradeoffs.

Module 5: You will revisit key signposts in the course and bring to life some of the activities you have been participating in over the past 4 weeks. A final assessment will be held this week which will support you towards gaining the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion micro-credential.


  1. Formative Assessments throughout the course, functioning as knowledge checks.
  2. Summative Assessment at the end of course.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand why planning and delivery - implementation is so important, and why having the ability to translate your ideas into actions is so valuable. Delve into project management theories, tools and methodologies that exist in the market, and how the new world of work has evolved these. 
  2. Grasp the importance of how to effectively plan a project, and how to set your idea up to translate it into tangible outcomes  
  3. Identify the key stages required to successfully deliver on and implement a plan  
  4. Understand the risks and roadblocks that can appear across the project lifecycle, and how to navigate and manage these challenges to ensure a successful outcome

Career outcomes:

Greater employability across sectors and organisations- Diversity, equity and inclusion is highly valued, sought-after knowledge that can help foster cultural change across an organisation to improve productivity.

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Delivery: Online

Duration: 25 Hours

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Planning and Delivery - Implementation (Translating Ideas into Action- Tools and Techniques)


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