Parkville Undergraduate Student Locker Voucher

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Parkville Undergraduate Student Locker Voucher'

This product is for the use of Parkville campus undergraduate students only. Students can only purchase one voucher. 

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

  1. Please note that this voucher does not entitle you to choose your own locker. If you have selected your own locker and padlocked it without being allocated, the lock will be removed. 
  2. This voucher will allow you access to a locker at Parkville for 2019. Soon after you have purchased the locker voucher, you will receive an email from the Faculty with your locker number and location. Note that Faculty emails concerning locker number and location will be sent within two University working days.
  3. You are required to supply your own lock. The lock must be attached to the locker asap.

Please contact the Faculty if you have any questions.

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