Module C2 - Being a simulation educator

Facilitated by Jennifer Bassett & Cameron Knott
Co-facilitated by Kirsty Belfrage, Colleen Petrie & Gabby Jones

This module covers basic principles of simulation with a particular focus on educational design for simulation scenarios, briefing and debriefing practices.

We consider what it means to be a simulation educator. Even if you are mainly involved in technical aspects of simulation-based-education (SBE), we think it is important to be exposed to the core elements of the work of a simulation educator.

By attending the workshop, this module facilitates formation of a local community of practice by bringing participants together to discuss and practice SBE and training techniques.

How can staff participate in workshops?

  • Book into the workshop 
  • Complete the e-learning modules prior to workshop

How can I find out more?
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Date: 16th December 2022

Time: 9:00 to 16:30 

Venue: Monash Rural Health Bendigo
26 Mercy St 

$50 for Loddon Mallee Hume RISC affiliates
$550 for external

NHET-Sim Workshop – Module C2 Being a simulation educator – Monash Bendigo

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