Missioncraft: Leadership in Disaster Relief - June 2018

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Missioncraft is the art and science of preparing and conducting field operations. This 1-week intensive workshop presents best practices for health personnel in international disaster relief operations. The workshop is offered to selected medical and public health professionals who deploy to disasters as full-time, field-based, hands-on providers.

It is designed for experienced professionals in pursuit of mastery, and is not intended for medical tourists.

Potential participants:

  • Health care workers with current board certification or specialty society fellowship in clinical medicine or public health
  • Disaster management professionals with authority to lead health teams from governmental (civil or military), non-governmental, Red Cross, or UN agencies
  • Humanitarian professionals with 1 year or more disaster field experience
  • Persons anticipating future deployment to disasters as medical team leader or medical coordinator
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Contact Name Jessica Callaghan
Contact Email 03 9903 0305
Contact Phone med-emergency.education@monash.edu