About the course:

Embark on a transformative mentorship journey tailored for the demands of work and life in the current and future digital landscape, where adaptability is paramount. Ideal for aspiring leaders, professionals, or anyone eager to enhance their mentorship skills, this course, curated by industry experts, leads you through a weekly exploration of mentorship in the evolving world of work. Develop adaptive leadership and master the art of fostering impactful mentorship relationships.

Harness the power of mentorship to equip yourself with practical skills and new capabilities, ensuring you are empowered to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of your current and future workplace. Ready to shape your success in the new world of work? Join us on this empowering journey!

What's unique about this course? What makes it different to others in the market?

This course has been created by Industry practitioners and subject matter experts with real, current and relevant knowledge and experience working closely with Educational experts with clear focus on raising workforce capability across sectors. Course brings global and local evidence and experiences into play, looking at evolution, emerging and predicted trends and focuses on developing meta-cognition based on adult learning principles. 


This course not only builds solid knowledge of concepts in the learner, it is also structured to progressively build real skills through application-based activities promoting deliberate practice within the learner's unique context supported by reflection and course-correction as required. There is no doubt that every learner and sponsoring organisations (if applicable) will gain true ROI and see a true increase in the accountability taken by the learner in being a conscious environmental champion.


This course comprises of 5 modules of learning, followed by the completion of a 5 week goal and Final Assessment to qualify for your micro-credential. Please see below a module-by-module breakdown of what you will learn in this course.

Module 1: Introduction to the Fundamentals of Mentorship: Understanding the Importance of Mentorship, Differentiating Between Mentoring and Coaching, Industry Relevance and Benefits and Roles and Responsibilities.                                                                                              

Module 2: Mentorship in the Modern Work Environment: Adapting to Remote and Hybrid Work Environments, Effective Communication in Mentorship, Active Listening and Two-Way Feedback and Tools For Effective Communication 

Module 3: Diversity and Inclusion in Mentorship: Cultural Competence, Recognising and Embracing Diversity and Inclusion, Inclusive Mentorship Practices, Leveraging Technology for Communication, Virtual Meetings and Collaboration Platforms and Cybersecurity and privacy in mentorship

Module 4: Career Development and Goal Setting: Understanding and Applying SMART Goals, Aligning Goals With Career Aspirations, Career Planning and Pathways, Assessing Skills and Identifying Opportunities, Strategies For Mentors in Identifying Opportunities and Networking and building professional relationships

Module 5: Mentorship Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Professional Environments, Developing Analytical Skills and Problem Solving, Decision Making Strategies, Collaboration and Teamwork and Resolving Conflicts and Navigating Challenges.

You will also revisit key signposts in the course and bring to life some of the activities you have been participating in over the past 4 modules. A final assessment will be held after this module is completed, which will support you towards gaining the Mentorship micro-credential/ 


  1. Formative Assessments throughout the course, functioning as knowledge checks.
  2. Summative Assessment at the end of course.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Gain insights into the evolving world of work, encompassing technological advancements and global trends.
  2. Cultivate mentorship skills for personalized guidance and effective communication in diverse professional settings.
  3. Develop adaptive leadership capabilities to navigate challenges, foster resilience, and promote high-performance in dynamic workplaces.
  4. Acquire and apply practical tools for impactful mentorship, including goal-setting, constructive feedback, and strategies for continuous learning.

Career outcomes:

Greater employability across sectors and organisations. The ability to develop mentorship capability to support growth in overall organisational capability through personal influence and impact.  

Career success through applying mentoring skills within professional context and providing greater value to employing organisation through the ripple effect of mentoring others and consistently demonstrating mentoring behaviours.

Other Information

Delivery: Online

Duration: 25 Hours

No prior learning or professional experience required to undertake this certification. This course is for anyone wanting to building their mentoring skillset.

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