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Macbeth | Monash MPavilion

Bloody. Bold. Resolute.

Out of the wreckage of a brutal war, Macbeth rises to power. Ancient forces foreshadow his future, yet it is his wife who provokes it into being. Desire blurs reality, propelling this ill-suited couple to greatness and onwards to their downfall.

Something’s been lost in translation in the 500 years since Shakespeare wrote his cursed play. Language has evolved, theatre has changed, but weak men still take power and our innate wicked desires remain. What will it take to overthrow them?

Devised by current Monash students, this performance unearths the foundations of Shakespeare’s theatre.

Hang those who talk of fear: This is Macbeth.


Wednesday 9 October, 7:30PM
Thursday 10 October, 2:30PM 
Thursday 10 October, 7:30PM
Friday 11 October, 7:30PM


Monash MPavilion, 26 Ancora Imparo Way, Monash Clayton campus



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