“It’s easier thank you think”: Precious Plastic Expo

Many people are concerned about the environment, but taking action can be daunting. The Precious Plastic movement will show how you can individually contribute to collective change. This interactive event will alter how you think about plastic though fun and informative experiences, with something for every age.

How does plastic recycling work?

How can I shop sustainably when I move out of home?

What are the possibilities of a recycled resource?

The answer might surprise you.

Join Precious Plastic Monash on Saturday 27th November at the New Horizons Building, Monash Clayton to become empowered to create a brighter future. You’re sure to not only learn something new but feel inspired.


22nd of May at 10am-11am


New Horizons, 20 Research way, Clayton, Victoria, 3800

“It’s easier thank you think”: Precious Plastic Expo


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