Introduction to Human Osteology: Parts I & II

This intensive short course provides the opportunity to learn about aspects of the human skeleton through a combination of didactic lectures and interactive hands-on analyses of real human skeletal remains from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine’s (VIFM) osteology collection. The aim of the course is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of human skeletal anatomy.

This course is beneficial for archaeologists, museum curators, heritage officers, and police officers who may work with skeletal remains; students who are interested in pursuing studies/careers in biological archaeology or forensic anthropology, and medical professionals (i.e., forensic pathologists) who are required to undertake anthropological examinations of skeletal remains. No prior knowledge of human osteology is required. Lectures will be delivered by discipline-specific experts from the VIFM and external organisations. To allow professionals the opportunity to tailor the course to their level of interest, this course is offered in two parts:

PART I (Three days):
Part I provides participants the opportunity to learn how to identify and side each bone in the human body, including dentition and fragmentary remains, and introduces the principles of bone growth and development, and how to differentiate human from non-human bone.

PART II (One day):
Part II provides participants with the necessary morphologic and metric osteology skills to create a basic biological profile (i.e., estimating age, sex, ancestry, and stature

Participants are welcome to complete Part I or Part II only, or the full four-day course (Parts I and II combined).





Monday 26 June – Thursday 29 June 2023
Part I: Monday 26 June – Wednesday 28 June 2023
Part II: Thursday 29 June


Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine
65 Kavanagh Street
Southbank VIC 3006


Introduction to Human Osteology: Parts I & II

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