International Conference on the Apparel Industry


Productivity Improvement, Disruptive Innovation and Leadership

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Productivity Improvement, Disruptive Innovation and Leadership

7-9 February 2018

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Productivity improvements, disruptive innovation, effective leadership, sustainability and ethical production have become key concerns not only for manufacturers and their major global customers but also for other stakeholders involved with the apparel industry including governments, NGOs, investors, logistics and supply chain solution providers and other members of the global apparel supply chain.

This conference is designed to bring together researchers, practitioners (retail executives, manufacturing executives and first/second tier suppliers) and policy-makers from around the world to focus on many topics including:

  • Front-end design and innovation capability and practices being developed and adopted by apparel/garment manufacturers and their supply chains
  • Leadership and management advances in the apparel industry
  • Innovation models in the apparel industry
  • Use of advanced technologies in design, production and delivery of apparel goods
  • Operations and supply chain strategies of apparel/garment manufacturers
  • Application of Lean and Six Sigma in apparel manufacturing
  • National apparel industry policies aimed at enhancing sector growth and innovation
  • Human resource development in the global apparel industry
  • Corporate social responsibility, environmental and ethical concerns
  • Design and management of global production networks.
  • Emergence of regional production networks and regional value chains in the apparel industry
  • Changing industry structure in the apparel industry, including vertical integration, backward and forward linkages, etc.


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Contact Name Debra Mordech
Contact Email
Contact Phone +61 3 9903 2822