Staff Wellbeing and Activity Program (SWAP)

SWAP provides opportunities for staff to get active in a group activity, including yoga, pilates, boxing, and much more. Our aim is to improve staff wellbeing, productivity and morale through low-cost programs targeted at all ages and fitness levels.

Ab's Express

An engaging abdominal workout activating your upper, lower and side abdominal area, as well as incorporating your inner core stabilisers.

Active strength

An enjoyable 45 minute class that involves a variety of training tools that may include dumbbells, weight plates and an individual’s body weight.


A great cardiovascular fitness class, benefits can include weight loss, muscle tone, stress release and increased cardio fitness.

Cooking Demonstrations

Coming soon sign up for cooking demonstrations with SWAP.

High intensity interval training

Full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts.

Learn to swim

Increase your fitness and improve your swimming technique.


Improve core strength, flexibility and posture.

Studio Cycle Express

An excellent fat burning class where you are in control.


Increase strength, energy and vitality through dynamic movement.

Yoga/pilates/tai chi mix

For a workout that builds flexibility, strength and posture.


A fun, energetic dance class for the more mature gym patron.