Great Ocean Road Edition with NRC

End of Year Trip: Great Ocean Road Edition with NRC (Aus Awards Special Offer)

Great Ocean Road Edition with NRC (Aus Awards Special Offer)

This is a limited exclusive offer to purchase heavily discounted tickets to join the Non-Residential Colleges to experience a scenic coastal drive along the south-west coast of Victoria. Along the way, stop at the lookouts, walk your way through a treetop canopy, visit the chocolatier and enjoy a beach carnival! This purchase price is exclusive to enrolled Monash ASS only. Awardees will have opportunity to enjoy this experience for $200 (the full fare cost is $250).

What’s included?
• Accommodation (shared room with bunk beds)
• Food
• Activities such as beach carnival, Otway Treetop adventure, Split Point Lighthouse

All ticket sales are final, and no refunds will be given if you have simply changed your mind.


Once you have made payment to secure your spot on the trip, we need you to fill in this off-campus form. In this form you will provide things like emergency contact information, which campus you wish to depart from and dietary requirements for the trip

When: Friday 24th – Sunday 26th November 2023
Where: Angelsea, multiple destinations on the Great Ocean Road
Ticket Price: $200 (further discounted for AAS only) - all other Monash students will pay a already heavily subsidised price of $250

More Information
Contact NameKylie Evans
Contact Phone9905 5133
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