Emotional Intelligence and Management

Content is available from February 12th 2024


Emotional intelligence is fast becoming one of the most critical skills needed today to help individuals navigate our rapidly changing world, personally and professionally, taking themselves and others along with them through greater uncertainty, while continually focussing on high performance and self-fulfilment. Employers are beginning to value Emotional Intelligence as the superpower they need in their team members to successfully grow their businesses collaboratively and inclusively. Emotional Intelligence is not only a core employability skill, but also defines ongoing career success.

The Emotional Intelligence and Management course from the Future Skills at Monash College gives you the ‘backbone’ to build personal and professional excellence.  When you enhance and master your emotional intelligence, you will see the positive ripple of your impact reverberate in your world.


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Delivery: Online

Duration: 25 Hours

Prior Learning Requirement: N/A

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Emotional Intelligence and Management

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