EDF2103 (2175) Fieldwork: Nooramunga Marine Reserve

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EDF2103 (2175) Fieldwork: Nooramunga Marine Reserve

This logistical cost (transport/accommodation/activity-specific) is for EDF2103 students undertaking a six-day fieldwork experience at the Nooramunga Marine Reserve, Victoria.

Dates: 26th of April to the 2nd of May (seven days)

The purpose of this self-supported journey is to learn how to navigate the tidal, wind driven and seafaring life of sea kayaking. Whilst undertaking a week of practical and theoretical workshops that contribute information towards the unit’s assessment (EDF1103 is the fieldwork component of EDF1174).

Payment Due: Thursday 19th of April (Week 7)

There is a strict no participation policy unless payment has been made by the due date.
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