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EAE3540 Broken Hill Field Camp

A two and a half-week field camp to Broken Hill during the mid-year vacation, the unit aims to teach the skills of geological mapping in a classic field location of Australian geology.

The emphasis will be on observing, recording, and interpreting geologic phenomena in the field. Students will draw on a theoretical background of lectures and laboratory studies in first, second and third-year geology to analyse real rocks in the real world.

Students will use their observations and interpretations to construct geological maps and cross-sections and determine the geological history of a complex poly-deformed terrane.

There is also a choice of three electives during the camp. You will need to choose one of these electives. Each of these electives will be capped at total number of students so you may be assigned to a different elective.

Specific learning objectives:

To collect geological data and communicate the data in the form of a geological map.
To improve 3D visualization skills: One of the most difficult and important aspects of Earth Science learning is being able to visualize 3D geometries in rocks. This ability is critical both in mine and exploration mapping and targeting activities.
To develop teamwork and inter-personnel skills in a challenging logistical and learning environment for a protracted period of time.
By their nature, field camps promote personal skills in teamwork and cooperation similar to many working environments for graduate Earth Scientists.

The course is taught by Peter Betts, Robin Armit, Laurent Ailleres and Melanie Finch

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